STM32GENERIC, my arduino implementation

Cores are the underlying magic that make the Arduino API possible
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Re: STM32GENERIC, my arduino implementation

Post by acronis » Sat Jun 17, 2017 12:24 am

danieleff wrote:
acronis wrote:3.2 inch TFT LCD screen with resistive touch screens ILI9341 display module
especially for black Board STM32F407VET6 ... Title=true
This is the first time I actually see a display with the matching connector to the board.

stevestrong has library for 16 bit parallel display ... 6bit_STM32
Library ... 6bit_STM32 works perfectly with the display ... Title=true.

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Re: STM32GENERIC, my arduino implementation

Post by ChrisMicro » Tue Jun 20, 2017 8:54 am

We have a new contributor to the STM32GENERIC repository.

He is starting to intensively to support the STM32F429 discovery.

Hello huaweiwx :D

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Re: STM32GENERIC, my arduino implementation

Post by RogerClark » Tue Jun 20, 2017 9:58 am

I checked the user database on the forum and we don't have any members with the email address listed on Github ( and we don't have anyone with huaweiwx as their username

Probably best to try emailing them, or contact them via a github issue on that repo

Their email address on GitHub is from this company
In china

I would clone or fork that repo asap, as we don't know who they are, they could remove it again and if not forked or cloned it would be lost

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Re: STM32GENERIC, my arduino implementation

Post by TFTLCDCyg » Fri Sep 08, 2017 7:07 pm

danieleff great core. THX

Is it possible to use on SdFat library: SPI4, SPI5 or SPI6 in boards like the Discovery F429ZI?

At this time, only can used fine SPI1, SPI2 and SPI3

Best Regards!

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Re: STM32GENERIC, my arduino implementation

Post by michael_l » Wed Oct 04, 2017 7:21 pm

Hi, I wonder if there's support for this small Blue F407VET6 board? ... =60#p28309

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