Official GD32 demo boards

Boards based on the GigaDevices GD32F103 microcontroller
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Official GD32 demo boards

Postby jaromir » Fri Feb 03, 2017 2:29 pm

I ordered locally two demo boards, originals from Giga Device.
Both have similar look and feel to STM32 discovery boards, with integrated GD-link debugger and minimal other peripherals - just LED, Reset and User button.
I ordered one with GD32F130C8 and GD32F103VC
The GD32F103VC board has GD32F103C8 debugger on bottom side
After connecting with PC, it enumerates as HID device with CMSIS-DAP interface, so no ST-link clone, but it has Keil VID, not sure if it is result of official cooperation with Keil or what -
OpenOCD at least can see the debug adaptor, but it looks like there isn't much of support for GD32 devices in openOCD, so I didn't bother yet to mess around with config files. I assume config for STM32 should be good stuff to begin with.

I can still bypass the internal GD-link and use ST-link, anyway. I was very curious about the big-boy GD32F103VC, too, so I couldn't resist. This is just fast "show and tell" post five minutes after I received parcel with the kits.
More photos here

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Re: Official GD32 demo boards

Postby RogerClark » Fri Feb 03, 2017 8:44 pm

Thanks for posting.

Interesting that GD seem to just be doing clones of the ST discovery range of boards.

They may have an arrangement with Keil about the USB ID but of course it could just be one of the open source cmsis DAP implementations they are using, where someone coded the Keil VID

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