polynomial waveshaping/ phase modulation

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polynomial waveshaping/ phase modulation

Post by vivianpentax »

hey guys, im trying to code a polynomial waveshaper for the stm32.
any tips or guidance before starting would be super helpful!
not the most experienced in coding but would love to see this come to life
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Re: polynomial waveshaping/ phase modulation

Post by fpiSTM »

Well I have no knowledge on this anyway maybe the CMSIS DSP could be useful:

Note this is only for STM32 core. I don't know if libmaple core have a way to use it.
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Re: polynomial waveshaping/ phase modulation

Post by mrburnette »

The internet is littered with information on your topic:
https://www.google.com/search?&q=stm32+ ... waveshaper

but if you are looking for a "turn-key" solution, then maybe:

It would help in the future to be specific:
- hardware uC
- firmware core
- anticipated usage
- desired outcome

And, for everyone's benefit, Google first and review what is currently out in the ether. Gather your thoughts, set a direction, and be articulate in your inquiry.

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