Bluepill TFT LCD GPS Clock

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Bluepill TFT LCD GPS Clock

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This Clock is using a 320X240 ILI9341 tft lcd connected over SPI. Also the Blupill does have a 32Khz crystal for RTC and a backup CR2032 battery will keep the clock running and the battery backed up RAM with all the settings up and running even when the power is off. A GPS module is used to set the clock and display the QTH locator.

BOM: Bluepill module with 128K flash, even a clone SRM32 will work. 320X240 ILI9341 TFT LCD any size with a 14 pin connector, tested with 2.8' and 3.2 displays'. Neo 6M or 8M GPS module with antenna/ external antenna. Depending on the local conditions and building you may need an external antenna to get a good GPS fix. I will suggest a neo-8M with a full-size patch antenna or external antenna if that will not work inside. DS18B20 temperature sensor with F/C temperature display. 3 push buttons to control the clock and a piezo buzzer for alarm.

The clock has a menu with many options in order to set the time, date, 2 alarms, DST settings and multiple clock faces - Analog, Digital, BCD, GPS details - see attached pictures, display backlight will automatically adjust day/night.

Github link:

Picture link: ... SClock.jpg
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Re: Bluepill TFT LCD GPS Clock

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Very nice! A complete project with STL and documentation.
Thanks for sharing!!
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