TAG::gy - a Open Source RFID Music Player

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TAG::gy - a Open Source RFID Music Player

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this is not a real "new" project, I posted it here before: https://mcu.selfip.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=163
Main homepage: https://diroaudio.wordpress.com/ (currently only in German, but this shouldn't be a problem).
So I don't wanna repeat myself and I'm referencing to the URLs above.

New people know me as mocking about the fake bluepills in this new forum, and this project is the reason why I was angry.
But all problems are solved thanks to robotdyn -> https://robotdyn.com/stm32-arm-arduino- ... oader.html

Generally I would like to post the updates recently here.

So first update: semi assembled PCBs jlcpcb.com
PCB V2.5 and a new power board (with lipo charger based on a MCP73871) is finished.
It is the first time, I used the new SMT Assembly option so I'm going to share my first impression:
Doing the PCB with EasyEDA is the key getting the semi assembled boards via jlcpcb.com:
Do the design, export the BOM and the "Pick and place" file and click "generate fabrication file"
Strangely enough you can only order with SMT assembly option if you choose the green layout. (not a big deal).
The auto recognition of the parts is poor (maybe because I didn't use the jlcpcb standard parts), so I had to assign the resistors and caps for each value again (size, value). The auto recognition of the value is ok, but not 100%, so you MUST do the cross check and open the part page, because the value isn't shown directly. But after a while I assigned all resistors and caps - the most annoying soldering job, if you are doing 10+ PCBs.
IC's are strange, some are perfect and some are 180 flipped - there is no correction for this. But I didn't order ICs, because you have to pay a extra fee and I have all parts at home.
So I would say, this is a major step forward for all DIY people. I hope I'll get the boards in time....stay tuned.

Update 2: No luck with LTC2954CTS8
For my power board I need some LTC2954CTS8s, this are Pushbutton On/Off Controller ICs for building a latch power switch. They are comparatively expensive ( on mouser 4.1 Euro/pcs on Ali 1.4 Euro/pcs) , but I have no luck since beginning of December 2019 getting them: Orders are not shipped, parcels lost - the hole story.
Background: I need a power supply using one 18650 cell, protection, step up converter (for 5V), soft power on/off and kill button.
With my first 10 pieces of player I used this:
Apart from the fact that the part has no soft power, it drains permanently power, even without load! So after a week a 3000mAh 18650 cell is empty. Beside that, the adverted "3V & 1A Output 5V & 2A Output" is just a typical chinese fairy tale
Link to my power supply schematic: https://easyeda.com/madias/power-supply

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