bluepill STM32F103C8 - cdc usb not working

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bluepill STM32F103C8 - cdc usb not working

Post by rozrabiaka »

Serial generic CDC supersede.
After upload code Windows says "unknown device".
I'm trying on three bluepills, always that same..
Any ideas?

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Re: bluepill STM32F103C8 - cdc usb not working

Post by ag123 »

make sure you have a STM32F103 C8 (or cb) suffix chip and not a C6 chip. There are a lot of C6 chips floating in the online "flea markets".
C6 is likely not enough to run stm32duino properly.
and you have to select usb-cdc-serial from the menu

oh and you need a st-link dongle ... 88022?r=sp

you can use a usb-uart (3.3v) dongle and set boot0 for that, but if you are not familiar with this, you may like to use a st-link instead
you would also need stm32cube programmer ... eprog.html

and do review the wiki

if you are new to these the "preferred" boards are like
Nucleo STM32F401RE and Nucleo STM32F411RE ... -64-boards
those have a quite a lot of resources and run pretty fast
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Re: bluepill STM32F103C8 - cdc usb not working

Post by GonzoG »

"Unknown device" means that you don't have driver for this device in system.
Check VID and PID (vendor and product ID).
Bluepill with CDC enabled should identify as: VID: 0483, PID: 5740.
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