No COM Port - STM32F103RC8T6

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Re: No COM Port - STM32F103RC8T6

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Thanks for your replay.
Yes, my Maple Mini board doesn't flash the LED when press reset button.
I followed the instructions in the link you provided and DFU and Serial drivers were successful installed.
But in the next sentence provided by the link, I think something is wrong:

"Re-start the Arduino IDE, and select the appropriate board from the "Tools" -> "Board menu", and select the appropriate Com port for your Maple mini or serial upload device. Note: If you do not see a Maple Serial com device, this is probably because the Maple mini has not been loaded with the blink sketch. So upload a the Maple mini blink sketch from examples\Digital\Blink and the Maple serial device should now be available on the Port menu."

So, still I do not see the Com port, and how can I upload a Blink sketch if the port is not available?
Trying to do this (and execute dfu-util.exe as you mentioned) I get the same error message as before:
"Couldn't find the DFU device: [1EAF:0003]"

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