custom STM32L412KB board

If you made your own board, post here, unless you built a Maple or Maple mini clone etc
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custom STM32L412KB board

Post by navanod »

I am considering making my own small board using the STM32L412KB or something similar. Preferably I would use something that is already supported by this library.

What tool chain am I going to need to get it up and running with stm32duino..has someone done this before and knows of a low power design they could share.

Ideally I am looking for 80mhz, spi, 3xpwm and I will also put an additional can bus transceiver

I am ok with PCB layout but have not gone into stm32 tool chain at all and I am dreading how difficult it might be

Penny for your thoughts
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Re: custom STM32L412KB board

Post by fpiSTM »

You can use ... inder.html to find the mcu which best fit your need.

L412KB is supported, in fact all can be supported easily. The STM32 core is MCU oriented. Moreover the new core 2.0.0 will provide all the variant skeleton to ease board addition.

About the toolchain, installing the STM32 core will provide all the required stuff.
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