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Re: arduino pro ide alpha

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i think arduino pro ide is still evolving, so if we do integrate early, we could try to feedback to the developers if we encounter shortcomings.hopefully, it'd make it into the features of the 'future' ide

as for vscode, i think it is pretty good, just that my own setup is broken. hence i stumble into various issues such as not being able to make proper code reference jumps. i've since switched to eclipse with a makefile, no sloeber etc really. if anyone is keen on that makefile (official core) i'd post it in code snippets. But note that you can take it from me that if i post that that is 'alpha' codes and it may not be correct. i.e. it just works for me, but i'm not sure if i really got the dependencies right.

makefile builds (with eclipse) are really quite good, it used to be that each time i need to make a new project, i need to re-define all the defines and includes and paths, libs, flags hundreds of them in eclipse. now all that is captured in a makefile and i can start a new project by simply copying the makefile and making changes. this is far more efficient and is nearly better than the stock arduino ide. probably better than even arduino-cli as the paths and dependencies are embedded in the makefile. The bad thing about makefile as a project approach is that it tend to bundle the whole directory / folder as the project including the core. so i tend to have duplicate codes especially copies of the core. I can reference them at different paths though.

another thing about makefiles is that it would scare most people unfamiliar with them. the codes and substitution rules are complicated for those who started with them. makefile reallly works by re-writing paths, that is the magic which makes it possible to build a whole directory tree. and this can be very complicated to diagnose if there are bugs in the makefile itself. in particular if you did not write the makefile yourself.

the 'simple' way with makefiles is to place a makefile in each sub-directory with source codes. in that way to build codes in the sub-directories is to simply call make -C sub-folder. but those directories needs to have its own makefile. this is a problem as there isn't per folder makefiles for the core, and it would be very messy to scatter makefiles in all folders including the core.
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Re: arduino pro ide alpha

Post by fpiSTM »

stas2z wrote:
Mon Feb 24, 2020 8:21 pm
fpiSTM wrote:
Tue Feb 04, 2020 8:28 am
About PIO, an official integration will be done soon
please accept my personal thanks on this 8-)
since ive tried vscode i can't use arduino "ide" anymore
No worries and welcome :lol:

About Makefile, this could be a good solution too. I know it exists ArduinoCmake and I guess this could be an evolution to be more "generic".
Anyway, I guess there are as many environments and configurations as there are users :mrgreen:
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Re: arduino pro ide alpha

Post by ag123 »

ok i've uploaded a makefile sample in code snippets

for the Arduino pro ide, my guess is that it would likely become the 'new' ide for Arduino. so my thoughts are to get involved and integrate early.
the integration can be deemed alpha (or even beta) at this stage i.e. it can change anytime without notice and it may break things or simply become incompatible.

the only motivations is that while the ide is developed if we found deficiencies with the design, those could be brought to the attention of the developers so that they could be addressed early. it is often very difficult to change design later on as dependencies will develop e.g. some mcus are based on a particular build and changing things will break existing setups.
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