Command broken? Core not working correctly?? RU Sure???

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Command broken? Core not working correctly?? RU Sure???

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There seems to be numerous inquiries and suggestions that core STM32 Arduino functions "do not work" or "works incorrectly" and I wish to state that while that may be an issue, it is unlikely that core functionality is not working. The Official STM32duino core is nearing 2 years and Roger's core is 5+ years; therefore commands & functions (ex: analogRead() and analogWrite() ) have been tested many, many times by users across the globe.

So, if you are having issues, suspect first that you are confused or misinformed. I strongly suggest that you reread the Arduino documentation here: and give special attention to any examples.

If the above fails to highlight the problem, refer to examples that are part of the Arduino install. See this reference:

For Roger's core, look here for known good examples: ... s/examples

Roger's core is mostly a "refresh" of the LeafLals' core which still has great information.

Following the steps above will ensure that by the time you get into the forum to craft & post an inquiry that much nebulous dialog can be avoided - in the interest of getting you the Op a better and more expedient answer.

Other resources:
- Adafruit: ... he-lessons
- SparkFun: ... o?page=all
- 3.3V vs 5.0V logic levels:

Happy computing,


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