Black STM32F407ZG Board and LCD with FSMC

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Black STM32F407ZG Board and LCD with FSMC

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I use this board:

STM32F407ZGT6 STM32 System ARM Core Board STM32F407 Development Board F407 Cortex-M4 Single-Chip Learning Board ... 4c4dICMrQ7

Schematics ... matics.pdf


Using VS Code and PlatformIO this seems to be the right board: ... 407zg.html

In another topic viewtopic.php?f=24&t=992 I reached a working Blinky program. Not much, but a first step 😎

Now I try to use this LCD with the FSMC TFT connector
3.2 inch LCD Display Module TFT 16 Bit Parallel Port /SPI Serial 240*320 with Resistive Touch Screen ILI9341 FPC Interface

I cannot find an example how to use this FSMC connected display in PlatformIO. Maybe this library is the right way

GxTFT Library

Currently I have no solution and need an example. The simpler, the better.

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