Continued issues with WeAct STM32F411

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Continued issues with WeAct STM32F411

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I see this board presents challenges. With v1.9.0 core, Blink sketch and upload via J-Link SWD I have problems with board immediately losing the SWD connection and I am unable to debug. After that I am unable to connect to the board over SWD with or without hardware reset. I have to fully erase the chip via DFU to bring the board back to a working state. I am running the board bare, no bootloader of any sort.

I've reviewed this closed issue ... issues/876 my issues look similar.

Using the variant files from this comment ... -577418051 with a dedicated PILL_F411XX variant resolves the issue but I've not traced the root cause as of yet.

I realize this board unfortunately has a 25MHz oscillator on HSE rather than 8MHz. Are there any special instructions to use this board with v1.9.0 core?

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Re: Continued issues with WeAct STM32F411

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I made a "black pill" with the F411CEU and duplicating the variant since it wasn't clear what HSE clock was the variant using... just overwriting the .id file and the clock config function (my board uses an 8MHz crystal) for what the stm32cubeide creates and I didn't have any problem so far with my blackpill version.

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Re: Continued issues with WeAct STM32F411

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You can try to define HSE_VALUE to 25000000 thanks build_opt.h or hal_conf_extra.h

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