Hello guys / ST32 users !

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Hello guys / ST32 users !

Post by alfsch »

i am Alfred, from Germany, R&D engineer, and startet with STM32 about 12 years ago with the STM32 Primer ... 8-)

now, since some time, use Arduino for little fun projects, most tine nano (AVR) boards.
and for the "bigger" cpus, until now only STM , the STM32CubeIDE , which is a better usable thing than former Atollic ; this is really good !

but now, just using a TFT and want do some real time measurements for loudspeaker analysis, i hit some real problems:
a: in arduino i found a working lib to drive the TFT - fine.
b: in STM32CubeIDE i can adjust ADC, DMA... as i like , and it works like it should.
-- but i cannot get it "together" : the arduino lib is c++, with a lot of other includes - i didnt get it to STM32CubeIDE. :(
-- in arduino i didnt get some HAL calls working... :(

so i am here and hope, to get some help. to bring the TFT-lib together with a ADC setup , maybe in arduino or in STM32CubeIDE.
whatever more easy or better to go.

if someone willing to help me...would be great.

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Re: Hello guys / ST32 users !

Post by fpiSTM »

Welcome Alfred,
alfsch wrote:
Thu Feb 13, 2020 5:18 pm
if someone willing to help me...would be great.
For sure, this is already done ;)
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