Hello from Kurtow187

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Hello from Kurtow187

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I am very lucky that the stm32duino forum is alive again!
In the past, I formerly only attended Rogers forum as a guest reader.

I got a lot of important information from there. Thanks a lot for this to Roger.

Also many Thanks to fpistm and all the other guys for their great work!

My employment with STM32 (mostly Bluepill) is simple controlling of different solar equipment (in the home area)
like battery and power management. (and connecting such equipment with RS485, MODBUS and so on.)
(I try to use as much self-generated solar power in my own house as possible, and later the integration of an electric vehicle in this environment.)
Hopefully this will happen quickly enough, that it will be really an electric car and not an electrical wheelchair...)

I'm not the great C++ programmer and well over 60 years old.
(my starting language was Turbopascal..., and my native language is German.)
Therefore I will probably have more questions than I can answer.
But it may also (rarely) happen that I can contribute something in some special cases.


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Re: Hello from Kurtow187

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Guten tag and Welcome kurtow187

Hop you will succeed in your project ;)

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