Hello from a locked-down Londoner

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Hello from a locked-down Londoner

Post by TwoArmsTwoLegs »

Hi forum,
It's a tale as old as time.
I've been developing an Arduino atmega32u4 based project for about a year now, but decided that I need that sweet, sweet, decadent flash space.
Seduced by the sirens song of BOM reductions I've blacked out and ended up in a forest of technical documentation.
I'm afraid I have a lot of questions. I'm so sorry.
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Re: Hello from a locked-down Londoner

Post by mrburnette »

From Atlanta ... semi-locked down.

You will enjoy thecSTM32duino. But, you have choices, not mutually exclusive.
- Roger Clark core files
- STM Corporate core files

Explanations from old forum: https://stm32duinoforum.com/forum/viewt ... _3111.html

Suggestion: if you are going to buy a clone board (not a Discovery or Nucleo), be careful as low-price Chinese clones have been identified with counterfeit microcontrollers. Many Chinese vendors do provide quality products.

Some of our members have good success with https://robotdyn.com/catalog/developmen ... ields.html
Not a recommendation!

I have a few STM32 projects here: https://www.hackster.io/rayburne/projects
They are old and all done with Roger's core.

Good luck, welcome!

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Re: Hello from a locked-down Londoner

Post by noweare »

Welcome, yes the stm32 family can be scary coming from the 8 bit micros. You'll get used to it, mainly they have the same peripherals but more bits and more functionality and especially awesome more memory . ST writes excellent documentation which helps get up to speed faster.
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Re: Hello from a locked-down Londoner

Post by ag123 »

stm32 is (very) feature packed and hence tend to be difficult to learn for starters, but once most get started, the use cases just keep growing, some things that need extra hardware on the simplier mcus can be done completely in software/firmware on stm32.
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