I'm new to the group.

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john k2ox
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I'm new to the group.

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I'm John Eckert and have been using Arduino boards since the beginning to control devices. My first uProc experience was with a Motorola 6800 later I hand assembled code for PIC micros.

I now spend my allocated micro play time with the Blue Pill boards.

My current project involves adding sensors, display and CAN bus to my 1984 VW Vanagon running a Ford 16V Zetec engine.

Thanks for the forum!


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Re: I'm new to the group.

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Welcome, my first mico was the motorolla 6809 and I programmed it in assembly language while going to college way back in the day.
Your projects sound interesting.
Have fun.

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Re: I'm new to the group.

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Welcome from a member who has not been here much longer than you have.

I started out with 6800, and moved on to 6809 after a few years. The 6809 remains a favourite of mine. I really liked the instruction set, which I got to know quite well when I later wrote a simulator for it in 68000 assembly language. Later converted that to Intel x86 as a 16-bit Dos program, then to 32-bit with a GUI thrown together using an early version of Delphi. Resultant program, untouched for about 13 years now, still runs unchanged on Windows 10, allowing me to still fire up TSC Flex occasionally.

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