Hello fro Wels, Austria

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Harald Blab
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Hello fro Wels, Austria

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Searching for a hobby I found the micro:bit, used in schools across Europe. I bought an Inventor's kit and made all exercises. Programming in MakeCode. I took a look at the background of this tiny amazing thing (mbed, bluetooth) and I knew, this is what I want to do. It's not only the programming stuff, it's the sensors and electronics I want to get familiar with.

I read the make magazin (German) and I got an arduino nano, an arduino uno and an esp32. I got a arduino starter kit and made a lot of beginner tutorials to know whats going on behind the scences.

One of my resellers sells blue pill boards. I gave it a try. Now it's up and running in Arduino IDE and PlatformIO.
I had little problem because of a poor soldering of the A9 line. After fixing it it was straight forward getting it done.
You did a good job. Thank you. Now I'm here.

Summer is comming, the sun is shining. I'm doing solar projects.

A micro controller project implementing a sun tracker with different sensors (ldr, led). Connect to analog inputs first, using i2c interface later.
It's currently setup on a tiny breadboard. Soldering on a perfboard to come. Model built from cardwork and recycled plastics

An electronic project implemenaing a solar engine. Using solar cells to collect energy, store in a capacitor and run a solar motor from it. I'm still sketching a good solution using the components I have so far.

A modeling project building a solar oven to dry watercolors i get from pertals. The oven is already in use.

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Re: Hello fro Wels, Austria

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Welcome Harald.
Hope the sun will shine this summer ;)
nice project.
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Re: Hello fro Wels, Austria

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Harald Blab wrote:
Fri May 22, 2020 1:14 pm
One of my resellers sells blue pill boards. I gave it a try. Now it's up and running in Arduino IDE and PlatformIO.
Welcome to the forum, Harald;
I think you will enjoy Arduino as the language is a bit closer to "C" which makes it easier to review and follow the magic in the libraries. When I am bored, I sometime just play around, statistically speaking, sometimes a project works and I will publish it:

Check Google, lots of solar tracking projects ... maybe you can add a unique twist:
https://www.google.com/search?q=Arduino ... r+tracking

Good luck,

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