Hello from The Netherlands

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Hello from The Netherlands

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Today I discovered that the forums are back. I had an account on the previous forums, but mostly read stuff over there.

Some time ago I stared working on STM32-base. Something that became part of that project were the board pages, first hosted on the wiki associated to the main repository. I later moved the board pages and other content over to stm32-base.org.

It currently looks like the boards section has taken over the role of the boards section on the old wiki.stm32duino.com pages. I am currently working on redesigning the site to work better on smaller screens and mobile devices. I am also looking into generating board pages from JSON files instead of having to manually copy and paste a massive HTML table structure, which is prone to errors.

The website is hosted on Github pages, so that means that all content is available in one repository. Feel free to make a pull request if you find that some information is missing or contains an error.
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Re: Hello from The Netherlands

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the boards site is nice, welcome back & seasons greetings (to everyone else as well) :D
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