Release 1.8.0 is available

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Release 1.8.0 is available

Post by fpiSTM »

Main info:
  • Introduce MP1 (cortex M) support
  • HardwareSerial Half duplex
  • Allow to enable HAL module only
  • Binary file size decreased (up to 4kb)
  • CMSIS DSP could be used
  • Support precompiled libraries
  • Added the repeated-start feature in I2C driver
Full detail here: ... /tag/1.8.0

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Re: Release 1.8.0 is available

Post by zoomx »

Just updating....

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Re: Release 1.8.0 is available

Post by NasTor »

thank you very much !

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Re: Release 1.8.0 is available

Post by TFTLCDCyg »

Thank you!. 1.8.0 installed.

Since the version 1.6.0, the pin mapping of the nucleo-F767 variant does not address the SPI1 and SPI3 pins correctly. I enclose the mapping that I used to access both buses.

With this mapping it is possible to simultaneously activate FT81X chip screens (in SPI1) and a mixroSD reader (in SPI3), using a library modification for the 23X gameduino, which we have called GD23ZU. The screen is connected on SPI1 (PA4, PA5, PA6, PA7) and the micro SD reader on SPI3 (PB11, PB2, PB4, PB3).

The library used to access the microSD is the latest version of Greiman's SdFat.
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