USB Status [unknown] find: ‘/dev/vboxusb’: Permission denied

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USB Status [unknown] find: ‘/dev/vboxusb’: Permission denied

Post by ijash »

Hi, I have this error using arduino IDE in Linux (linux mint 19.03). I am using ST-LINK V2 to bluepill.
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I have tried using:

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sudo usermod -a -G vboxusers $USER 
but nothing changed.
and yes I've installed virtualbox. but what does stm32 has to do with virtualbox?

this is my setting:
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please help me to remove the permission denied..

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Re: USB Status [unknown] find: ‘/dev/vboxusb’: Permission denied

Post by ag123 »

that message can probably be ignored, if you are running libmaple core go into
try out things like st-info --descr etc, it should be able to detect your st-link dongle
and that dongle should show up in lsusb

preferably get updated version of the st-link utilities
it may be available in your repositories or build that from source (preferred)

the st-link binary shipped in the core is rather old, the new ones has st-link --probe which would detect the st-link and the connected stm32 etc

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