ST-Link won't connect to a STM32F072 board

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ST-Link won't connect to a STM32F072 board

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I'm trying to upload onto an open source antenna analyser board, called a NanoVNA ( )
Shematic ... na-sch.pdf

But I can't seem to get a ST-Link or a JLink to connect via SWD.

If I pull Boot0 high, the MCU goes into its built in DFU mode, and I'm able to use the DFUSe application to flash the firmware, but even with Boot0 pulled high, I can't connect via SWD.

Its possible the board has a hardware fault on the swd connections, as I've not tried loading firmware to test whether the pins are making a good connection to the MCU. So I'll still need to try this.

But can anyone think of any other reason why I should not be able to connect to a FTM32F072C via SWD if Boot0 is pulled high, or even if I use connect under reset (as that didnt work either )


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