semihosting and serialwireoutput

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semihosting and serialwireoutput

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Two libraries, handy when debugging an stm32duino:
With Serial Wire Output (SWO) an stm32duino can write tracing and logging to a pc at high speed.
With semihosting an stm32duino can do keyboard input, screen output, and file I/O on the pc where the debugger is running.

For these libraries to work, you need a debugger probe to connect the sketch on your stm32duino to the debugger on your pc. Getting a debugger probe can be as simple as putting Black Magic Probe firmware on a Blue Pill.
If you prefer a commercial product instead, you try a Segger JLink Edu or JLink Edu Mini.
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Re: semihosting and serialwireoutput

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Thanks for sharing.
Maybe one day, I would have time to test :?
Semihosting is veryhelpful on some case.
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