Welcome back stm32duino.com

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Re: Welcome back stm32duino.com

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I see thread notifications are effectively off by default - I've already had a reply to a post I made, but I had to go and look for it.

This seems to be common behaviour for forums, but isn't usually what's wanted by people who join them - maybe it's a legal thing.

The cure is:

Click on your user name (near top right), which takes you to your User Control Panel, then click Board preferences -> Edit posting defaults -> Notify me upon replies by default:

Set that to "Yes" (default is No).

There are some Notification Preferences too, but the defaults for those look okay.

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Re: Welcome back stm32duino.com

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thank you so much, welcome back!

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Re: Welcome back stm32duino.com

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This is a beautiful New Year gift...
Nice to see the forums again. I'm back and so are you.

Thanks Fedreric!

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