New replacement

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New replacement

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Lately BPs from CHN are not really (directly) usable for me. Cheap clones of the F103. Sometimes a diff part with ST markings (less the logo). Shiny SoC surfaces, easily ID'd as fakes.

I like the BP formfactor so prev I replaced the STM32F103 (or whatever it was) with a (real) STM32L443 (pin compat!)

For the past months there is now a new substitute, the STM32L562. This is an L4 on steroids. More flash, faster, a CM33 core. You can run it as a big L4 or... you can flip the option bit to enable TrustZone. TZEN. Once you flip that bit, its a new world. The chip has 2 boot vectors, one for secure one for non-secure. Too complex to detail in this post but I did a LoRa client using S/NS, the radio was handled by the S side and the NS took care of the protocol. Here is some ECDSA crypto code I did for it using the PKA accelerator: ... 62/pka_gen

I could not attach a big picture but this should give you the gist. It looks like any other ST LQFP 48 but... its not.

Big hat tip to ST for keeping the same pinout after 15 years(!).
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Re: New replacement

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Nice ;)

FYI L5 (with TZEN=0) will be added soon to the STM32 core.

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