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Ferro Ferido
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LCD Help

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Hello, i need use a Adafruit LCD for my project but i don't know use it, is there any kind of tutorial to work with it? i'm newbie with STM32 and i'm using Ardunino IDE.
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Re: LCD Help

Post by ag123 »

not really a tutorial
but perhaps some useful hints. this is for ili9341 - a tutorial from Adafruit ... reakout-v2

there are '3rd party' lcd boards (those are pretty much 'you are on your own',
for the Adafruit originals, u'd have the Adafruit forums as well) ... KU:MSP2202
which you may find on marketplaces like ebay, amazon, aliexpress etc (note check that it is the SPI one, preferred for beginners less pins to connect) ... xt=ili9341

some hints on the pinouts and a version of Adafruit ili9341 library i've 'ported'. somewhat 'optimized'

the original of this is Adafruit ILI9341 library, this is the library used in Adafruit's tutorial, it works with stm32duino(s) as well

this isn't the only lcd, you can try finding the likes of nokia5110 lcds etc. Adafruit has tutorials about them as well
i've not tried this myself, but Adafruit's tutorial looks impressive ... chrome-lcd

don't forget to read this first

for boards for the official stm core you can check out the Nucleo boards, check the list on the core's web
get a chip that has more memory and flash such as nucleo f401re
(there are faster chips and boards, u'd need to research st's web, and perhaps this forum such as those of stm32f407, stm32f405 etc) ... 401re.html
of course an old favorite is stm32f103c{8,b} ('blue pill', 'maple mini'), that one has only 20k sram and 64/128k flash
and is most common to roger's (libmaple) core. note that nucleo boards (normally) won't work with roger's core out of the box.
start with official core if you are using nucleo boards

for '3rd party' ones, the stm32f401ccu 'black pills' are quite popular. ... =stm32f401
but search in this forum (you can use the search box in top left) for stm32f401 boards and review those threads

these days there are a lot of stm32 based boards
adafruit has a stm32 feather board
then micropython is one too
a thing about using those boards is u'd need to find out about the HSE crystal frequency and change the system clock pre-scalers
or u'd either find the board operating at an untended speeds or 'hang'. for beginners it is better to use a board known to work with the core mentioned prior for a 'works out of box' experience.

there are also 'cheaper' boards if you search ebay, amazon, aliexpress etc. a thing about them is sometimes, some of those vendors don't provide links to schematics and board pinouts in their ads and one ends up searching the internet for schematics and pinouts, if they exist.
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