freeRTOS900 hangs

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freeRTOS900 hangs

Post by sankarAMP2 »

Hello guys,
I wrote a code with freeRTOS multi threading and gsm mqtt.
My environment:
using Harware:

using libraries: ... reeRTOS900

And my issue is: Code with freeRTOS900 or pubsubclient individually working fine but when I’m using both together the controller hangs unexpectedly…
Please help me to find reasons for RTOS hanging?


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Re: freeRTOS900 hangs

Post by Pito »

That description of your problem is not enough to help you.
Porting existing libraries into an Rtos is not easy - you have to create tasks which interacts, etc.
Best you will publish your entire code and it could be somebody helps you then..
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Re: freeRTOS900 hangs

Post by ag123 »

a blue pill has only 20k of memory, of which part of it is used by usb and partly the core itself, then freeRTOS further sub-divide memory into smaller fixed sized compartments for each vtask. so most likely you've run out of memory either for the vtasks or the overall shared memory

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