rf modules for bluepill

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rf modules for bluepill

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Can anyone suggest the best rf module to use with a bluepill?

My application is data heavy, I need to send an 8kbyte length of data every 5 minutes from 30 sensors. Therefore, I have a maximum of 8 seconds to send 8kbytes but that leaves no room for errors. Yes, I know 300/30 is 10 seconds but the master first requests data and that takes the slave 1.2 seconds to collect before sending. Currently I do this using PoE and the data transfer rate is very fast.

I also need about 2.5 km range. Are there any rf modules that can do this? We used to have WISP internet with 20mbps and our provider was about 10km away so I know there are technologies available but the frequencies may require a licence and the cost prohibitive. I’m hoping there’s a sub gigahertz rf module that will do the trick.

Regards, Stav.

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Re: rf modules for bluepill

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Maybe LoRa module can meet yours needs ...

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Re: rf modules for bluepill

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I've been having a lot of fun with the 800MHz version of Si4463, but in your case I'd get an MCU with LoRa built-in, like the Heltec ESP32, should be much easier to get that practical range, although for a reliable connection, you still need proper(ish) antennas, none of this pigtail or PCB trace stuff.

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