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I recently came across these STM8L051F3 dev boards on Ali Express:

For that price I figured I'd order a few (I bought 4) and they arrived from China to the US in a few days. Very fast. Then once they arrived I went online to try to figure out a non-Windows IDE that I could use to write some code for them. That lead me here. I installed Sduino in my Arduino IDE but this particular board isn't in the list of boards.

So I'm hoping to get more info on how to get the board definition for this particular board to Sduino so that I would see it in my Tools menu:

Tools->Board->STM8L Boards-> STM8L051F3P6 Development Board

There are some other interesting boards on Ali Express, some for under $1, so I agree with Leif that if supported by any IDE like the Arduino IDE, the STM8 series of ICs & dev boards could grow into a larger community. There are a ton of potential projects which can work just fine with a small breadboard and a tiny STM8 dev board like these.

Here are some of the other boards:

I'm happy to order some and test them to get them added to Sduino, I just don't know how to add board definitions to the Sduino project.

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