Amnos MIO Breakout for STM32duino Beginers

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Amnos MIO Breakout for STM32duino Beginers

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Amnos MIO Breakout
Amnos MIO Breakout is designed for beginers by XPU Labs, a subsidiary of AnalogLamb.Com. It integrates 8 digital 7-segment LEDs, TFT LCD, WS2812, RTC, FLASH, EEPROM, SD Card Connector, Speaker Driver, Microphone, ADC/GPIO Keys, LEDs, RS485, CANFD Transceiver, Accelerator Sensor, DS18B20 and so on. Using female or male headers, It's easy to connect with MCU/FPGA breakout like Rasbperry Pico, ESP32, Sipeed Tang FPGA and so on.


  • 8 digital 7-segment LEDs with two pcs HC595 - SPI
    1.3 in TFT LCD with 240 * 240 pixels - SPI
    SD Card Connector - SPI
    MAX98357 Digital Speaker Drivers - I2S
    MEMS Digital Microphone - I2S
    WS2812 * 8pcs - 1-Wire
    DS18B20 Temperature Sensor - 1-Wire
    RTC with PCF8563 - I2C
    2KB EEPROM - I2C
    Accelerator Sensor QMA7891 - I2C
    RS485 Transceiver * 2 - UART
    CANFD Transceiver * 2 - CAN
    ADC Key * 4 pcs - ADC
    GPIO Key * 5 pcs - GPIO
    GPIO LED * 8 pcs - GPIO
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