some 'cheap' motor drivers - simple h-bridges

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some 'cheap' motor drivers - simple h-bridges

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I happened to be browsing around in the 'flea markets' checking out some simple 'motor driver' chips.

I stumbled into a few pieces that may be worth putting here in case someone is looking for them, these are mostly simple h-bridges
Shenzhen Fuman Elec TC118S ... 88308.html
the data sheet is in chinese
it seemed rather available in the 'flea markets' and is rather low cost
the datasheet found in lcsc link above says that this is a MOSFET driver which can take up to 1.8A, peak 2.5A
a bit of an 'overachiever' for a sop8, so i'd guess it is 'buyer beware'
Vin high of 2v likely seem to suggest it can be driven directly from stm32

another is UMW(Youtai Semiconductor Co., Ltd.) L9110S ... 25793.html
this one is 'old' and that apparently AliX manufacturers even make modules for them
the datasheet in lcsc apparently puts it as a 5v part with a vcc range of 2.2-6.5v, with a 200mA limit
Vin high of 0.7 VCC likely means that one'd need to run it at quite low Vcc to drive it from stm32

Shenzhen Fuman Elec FM116C ... 02264.html
this part based on the datasheet is apparently another MOSFET driver, with a 600mA limit as like the TC118S above
the interesting thing being its packaging of sot23-6, probably as compact as possible for a h-bridge that can be hand soldered
probably fits on those sot-23 adapter boards or some pads that happen to fit the foot prints, e.g. it may be possible to place 2 pieces on an 'adapter' board.
this one has a Vin high requirement of 0.7 VCC as like the L9110s, hence that limits how much Vcc that one can run it without 'extra' provisions.
my guess is one way to overcome that is to do 'open drain/collector' outputs, with a pull up but that things become 'inverted'
similarly quite abundant in the 'flea markets'

then if 'all else fails' there is the plain old L293D
but that accordingly this is bipolar, hence, the voltage drop would likely be worse than the mosfet drivers
the specs accordingly to Ti is 5-36v 600ma
L293D has separate VCC for logic and the driver side, hence Ti mentions Vin high 2.3v for Vcc logic < 7v

these can drive small dc motors possibly off the usual 3v, 5v battery voltages, e.g. those '130 motors' in forward and reverse via the h-bridge driver
my guess is the 'mosfet' ones above normally works better given the lower voltage drop
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