STM32F401 Can't enter DFU mode

Bootloader for STM32F103 and STM32F4xx micro-controllers
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STM32F401 Can't enter DFU mode

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Hello everybody

I have following board: ... B08Q3RNKFP

I got it working with st-link, but I want to use it with usb (mainly to get serial communication, St-link seems to be really hard to get working with serial).

However, When i put 3 headers to boot position, the device don't show up in device manager, nor stm32cube, nor arduino ide.
I did try another board, but with no luck.

Could somebody guide me to correct direction. I'm open to installing other bootloader for my blackpill.

Thank you all.
Hautamak. :!:
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Re: STM32F401 Can't enter DFU mode

Post by ag123 »

The usual thing is set boot0 and press reset.
And that is provided that you board is properly wired for USB, e.g. that D+ is pulled up with a 1k resistor etc
And that a crystal of preferably 8 Mhz is needed for HSE running on the external crystal clock
in short, USB needs to be working properly

and that make sure nothing is connected to PA9, PA10 Serial1, otherwise it is flashing from uart
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