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finally account is active ...

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Greetings from Germany!
(Darmstadt, a little bit south from Frankfurt am Main)

I learned C language by myself 20 ... 30 years ago. With some of that object-oriented stuff in C++ I'm at war. Old dogs don't learn new tricks. After some first learning with ArduinoIDE I'm programming smaler projects with ESP32 or SAMD21.

Idea 1: A hardware watchdog with STM32C011F6P6. Some weeks ago I had trouble with a temperature logger (5x DS18B20, RTC and display), where I2C-bus and/or the board hanged up. In the end display caused the problem. Because the board should log each 3 minutes, a independent watchdog may be nice for similar situations - boards with STM32C011F6P6 are cheaper than ATtinys.

Idea 2: A logger for temperature, humidity and air pressure, when I'm on a hiking tour. At the moment I would realize it with a SAMD21. Otherwise a STM32Lxxx or the new STM32U031/73/83 sounds interesting ...

Idea 3: A large display (10 to 13 inch) for weather information or about photovoltaic device etc. I know how to connect ESP32/ESP32-S3 via SPI or 8bit parallel. But 7 inch are the largest displays with such interfaces. Otherwise HDMI for Raspberry Pi or a system like Nextion, Stone etc. So may be some larger STM32 can operate a RGB-display?

I'm using ArduinoIDE 2.3.2. After some troubles with Teensy 4.1 I decided to use a portable installation for STM32-boards. Waiting for the STM32C011F6P6-boards I wanted to program a "BlackPill" from WeAct. Like a lot of users I had problems with long pathes, then STM32CubeProgrammer wasn't found. No success via USB. In the end It works with a FTDI-adapter and A9/A10 pins.

Bye, Jürgen
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