STM32H743IIT6 price question

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STM32H743IIT6 price question

Post by parragoriouse »

I know this probably doesn't belong here but i would like to ask if this price
for the STM32H743IIT6 is the normal price and if not what it normally costs. thanks for any answers
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Re: STM32H743IIT6 price question

Post by ag123 »

this is a very large chip/soc, and apparently the vendor/manufacturer bundle extra stuff like sdram etc.
for the smaller and cheaper variants you could check other market places e.g. ... =stm32h743
and the more 'entry level' types ... =stm32f401

note in addition, due to chip shortage. some series may literally be out of stock or priced exorbitantly.
if you can wait find more reliable vendors and you likely can pre-order (for lower price) but there could be a long wait (maybe months).
the save ones to pre-order are large distributors like digikey, element14 (farnell), octoparts, mouser, adafruit etc. some of them don't offer pre-orders.
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