3.3v - 5v level shifter - 74lvc1g17

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3.3v - 5v level shifter - 74lvc1g17

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'level shifting' is a nuisance as there are too many cases of needing to interface 3.3v to 5v and vice versa.
while looking around for 'solutions' I found this little rather interesting logic gate
https://assets.nexperia.com/documents/d ... VC1G17.pdf

apparently, both TI and Nexperia (and Diodes) probably more makes them, and aliexpress vendors seemed to stock both part numbers quite commonly.
this apparently can be used for translating between 3.3v - 5v upwards.
but do note that the upwards trip point is close to 3v when running off 5v vcc.

I'd think shifting down is similar in a sense that it can take 5v inputs and run off 3.3v VDD
so the output would be 3.3v.

quite a handy chip

(note: the 'old' way of interfacing 3.3 - 5v on the output is 74HC*T* series, the HC series won't do it, 74HCT can translate 3.3v output to 5v
but that I think quite a few datasheets for 74HCT states a min VDD of 4.5v, hence translating down is an issue)

these chips matter are they are practically 5v logic level mosfets 'drivers', and many '(stepper) motor drivers' chips has a 5v specs, so do WS2812B Neopixels etc.
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