Maple r5 and IDE replacement

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Maple r5 and IDE replacement

Post by samtal »

I am new to this forum, but an old Arduino / Maple user.
I have a quite complex Maple r5 board and program that was designed and run by me some 9 years ago, when the Maple had some significant advantages over the Arduino (32bit, an extended Memory and its handling).
The Maple runs multiple analog inputs and outputs, dma functions as well real-time clock.

I wish now to revive the application using either the original Maple board (have several), or better any available newer replacement.
Can anyone suggest / recommend a solution?
I also have the original Maple IDE and libraries, but would like to find newer IDE to run (Arduino?).

Please advise.

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Re: Maple r5 and IDE replacement

Post by darkspr1te »

I have found great success porting maple projects(from random sources) into platformio as you can throw the environment variable around a lot to suit your needs. a example is,
I started writing one application in arduino stm32 but then added HAL LL code to speed it up then eventually added my own lib to speed up again or simplify the stm32 HAL from stm32cube or arduino.
I also found it quicker to write ground up core code for platformio when using a new chip not supported but the system yet.
the scripts system is great but hard to understand at first , most of my code is copy pasta code from other projects but i'am now writing my own scripts.


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Re: Maple r5 and IDE replacement

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