No COM Port - STM32F103RC8T6

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Re: No COM Port - STM32F103RC8T6

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Thanks for your replay.
Yes, my Maple Mini board doesn't flash the LED when press reset button.
I followed the instructions in the link you provided and DFU and Serial drivers were successful installed.
But in the next sentence provided by the link, I think something is wrong:

"Re-start the Arduino IDE, and select the appropriate board from the "Tools" -> "Board menu", and select the appropriate Com port for your Maple mini or serial upload device. Note: If you do not see a Maple Serial com device, this is probably because the Maple mini has not been loaded with the blink sketch. So upload a the Maple mini blink sketch from examples\Digital\Blink and the Maple serial device should now be available on the Port menu."

So, still I do not see the Com port, and how can I upload a Blink sketch if the port is not available?
Trying to do this (and execute dfu-util.exe as you mentioned) I get the same error message as before:
"Couldn't find the DFU device: [1EAF:0003]"
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Re: No COM Port - STM32F103RC8T6

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if it is a maple mini clone and that it doesn't blink there are 2 possibilities
- the usb-dfu boot loader is missing
- the chip on the board is fake

if you would like to install the usb bootloader, you would need the st-link v2 or a usb-uart dongle

if you use a usb-uart dongle, the instructions looks like this ... 3cec0dbc86
for st-link v2 the instructions look like this ... from-Linux

but for maple mini normally the boot loader to use is

Code: Select all

mainly as the led is at a different pin ... r/binaries
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Re: No COM Port - STM32F103RC8T6

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You can press the reset button when the "Searching for .." message appears in the Arduino message window when upload starts.
This should force the board to present himself as DFU device, if the bootloader is installed.
If no bootloader is installed, you have to install one or use STLink for upload, follow the wiki instructions for that.
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