Forum rules and procedures

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Forum rules and procedures

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  • New user have to introduce himself here before be able to post elsewhere.
  • Please try reading the FAQ and searching for an answer on the forum before posting, as 90% of the questions have been asked and answered before
    The built in search feature is not as good as Google etc, but the site is well indexed by Google and you can search within the site by appending to your search question

    The old forum contents can be found here: ...
  • Try to make your post title as informative as possible
    e.g. "Unable to install the bootloader via USB Serial"
    An example of a bad title is "Blue Pill does not work"
  • Do not say you request is "Urgent".
    There is no guarantee that any post will be answered by anyone.
    This is not a commercial forum, it does not have any paid staff, it has no commercial allegiance or income
  • If your question gets answered and the problem is resolved, please change your initial post title to start with [SOLVED]
    Questions which get left hanging, where we don't know whether the problem was solved or not will be moved to the "Dead Thread Graveyard" and may be permanently deleted if left in limbo for an extended period
  • Don't post legal questions. They will be deleted.

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