ArduinoOTA library. Help wanted for stm32duino

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ArduinoOTA library. Help wanted for stm32duino

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on the old version of stm32duino forum there was a discussion about remote upload of sketch from IDE over network. I could not replay then because I was not a member and the forum was not accepting new users.

I enhanced the Arduino WiFi101OTA library to support almost all Arduino networking libraries (and I wrote a new one too).
The original Arduino library was only for SAMD. I enhanced it for nRF51 and for ATmega MCUs with more then 64kB flash. It supports the ESP MCUs too (because the esp8266 boards package ArduinoOTA library works over native WiFi, but not over Ethernet or UIPEthernet library).
I planed to support stm32duino too, but I have too many Arduino plans. Right now I try to make ArduinoOTA work for Arduino Nano 33 BLE (nRF52).

The server part of the library handles receiving of the binary uploaded from IDE and the announcement of the 'network port' over MDNS. To apply the uploaded binary, the principle is that the InternalStorage class stores the uploaded binary into upper half of the flash and then on ARM architectures a function running in RAM copies the binary to standard location in flash and resets the MCU. All know-how about the flash writing and reading is in the stm32duino EEPROM emulation library.
If someone here is familiar with the STM32 flash writing and size evaluation operations it should be not so hard to implement.

The GitHub repo of the ArduinoOTA library

ArduinoOTA.png (16.82 KiB) Viewed 1730 times

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